Sun Peak Solar is an experienced, trusted provider of industrial solar systems throughout Kern County and California.  The solar energy systems required for industrial use generate millions of kWh of clean and renewable energy for industrial projects each year.  Our focus to provide you the correct products, installation to meet, and exceed your project requirements.  Sun Peak Solar is proud of our 100% customer satisfaction rating in Bakersfield, Ca, and throughout the state of California.

Industrial property owners can benefit from installing solar energy on business or factory roofs or ground-mounted systems in an industrial location.  Some companies have large manufacturing facilities with expansive roof space, and installing a solar array in that space can be an excellent source of clean, inexpensive energy.

PG&E rates are increasing out of control.  By adding solar to your commercial building, property, or project, you will be able to control your electricity expenses.

We encourage you to check out our reviews and see what our customers have to say about our customer service, work, and follow-up.

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